K A T E  M O O R E   :  e v e r y t h i n g
Driven by the conviction that basically everything is worth looking at, I am compelled by daily events and common images. Those things that seep into our memory banks and define them without us realizing it.

"Everything" is a body of work that has developed over the past 10 years in which the overlooked and taken for granted are methodically documented, cataloged, and chronologically archived, generating a repository for these moments that would otherwise be gone and lost to the world forever. As the archive is added to and rearranged, it serves as a way to account for, and ultimately provide evidence of my continued existence - all the while serving as an overall atlas to the imagery of this daily life. Each index card, drawing, found image or artifact that makes up this body of work is a separate work that becomes a larger one by association, suggesting the importance of each individual moment in the big picture.

As a photography-based artist, my work cycles around the poles of information and intuition, residing in the search for a middle ground where the connection between the meaningless and meaningful is drawn. Using an ever-evolving and personalized epistemological system of inquiry as an engine to drive the collecting, ordering, and making sense of everyday events, my projects continue to evolve out of a productive matrix through which I investigate standards of value, meaning, and importance in daily living.